Our Story

Here at Favorite Subjects Photography we take fun seriously. We offer interesting photographs to capture the moments that tell your story. Life is an adventure; call on us to highlight the milestones, the people, animals and events that bring you joy.


We spend time with you to ensure you are relaxed, comfortable and having fun during your photoshoot so that the pictures reflect your personality and let you shine!

Those of you with pets will appreciate the way we show off your beloved furry friends… along with the NON-furry friends!


Many of our Favorite Subjects like to play at the ocean. We’re located near Crescent Beach, Florida, where you can apply for a permit to ride your horses on the beach. That Bucket List experience deserves its own personal photo session!

If you can’t bring your horse to the ocean, we can visit you. It’s been non-scientifically proven that horses LOVE Favorite Subjects Photography. (This may be directly related to the snacks we bring and/or the singing as we groom your horses, but that is another story.)

There is also a special spot in our heart for wildlife.


Perhaps your “wildlife” looks more like this:

We love critters. We love people. We see your beauty even if YOU don’t. You’re far more lovely than you realize, and our camera finds that because IT IS THERE! No matter who or what is in your story, let Favorite Subjects Photography capture it. We bring laughter and joy to the photoshoot, clear & simple directions, prompt communication, flexibility, and fun along the way.

Check out our Gallery, read the blogs and discover how we tell stories. Contact us and become one of our Favorite Subjects. We’re always up for an adventure. How about you?