What could be more photogenic than a horse? A horse on the beach, that’s what! These first horse portraits were taken at gorgeous Crescent Beach, Florida, where with a permit one can ride certain times of the year. It’s a Bucket List Trip, so call on us to capture your incredible adventure!



Watch the unflappable Dusty encounter waves for his first time in the ocean. He was a rock star!

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SECTION TWO: Horses At Home

We also travel to take pictures of your horses at home! Some of you have so many horses they hang out in beautiful “clumps”.



Some are stallions, gazing with intent at the lovely mares across the way.


Sometimes you’re riding during the photoshoot.


Quite a few of our Favorite Subjects are distinguished seniors who’ve been loved for decades. This gentleman is Charles. He may have gotten older and shrunk in size, but he’s much loved and well cared for in his golden years, and the raspberry is for anyone who thinks old horses aren’t delightful! (Yo, he’s NOT grey-haired, he’s blond!)


When we travel to visit your horses at home they can relax and show off their “best side”.


So, are you ready for a session to capture portraits of the big, 4-legged family member who has captured your heart? Go to the CONTACT page in the menu above and let’s schedule some photo fun!