From Germany to Florida With Love

Virgil, G, and Their Fur Babies

As so often happens in November, walking along the Florida beach was delightful. No crowds, plenty of sunshine, no sweltering temperatures; in a word, perfection. A couple and their two happy dogs came meandering down the beach toward me, and naturally the dogs and I wanted to strike up a friendship.

Soon I learned that they all had traveled from Germany to stay for several months and visit family over the holidays. Virgil and G (the humans) were happy to let me practice my German, introduced me to their big, black dogs Floyd and Bonnie, and thought a photoshoot on the beach was just the ticket!


Hurricane Matthew had left a LOT of tree debris on the beach, so the dogs had plenty of sticks to play with. The youngster Floyd had major bounce in his step. Bonnie, the dowager, was simply happy to bask in the sun, chill out in the waves, chomp some sticks and soak up all the love from the humans around her. You see, Virgil and G knew Bonnie would not likely thrive or survive if left home in Germany for so long. They wisely chose to bring their four-legged fur babies along, and who knew we would all meet up to capture their ocean adventure?! Some of my Favorite Subjects are all the way from Germany. Ausgezeichnet! [Excellent]



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