A SuperJess Day

“My future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades!” 

What happens when a young, go-getter, artist, active mother of two gets waylaid by a neurological disease and has to resort to a wheelchair? Well, if you are Jess, you wear a peacock-bright blouse, put on a coordinating cape, invite favorite subjects photography and say “yes” to borrowing reflector sunglasses for a SuperJess Day photoshoot, that’s what!

The weather was dreamy, the place was perfect (Gold Head State Park), snacks were brought, kids were informed that this was All About Mommy today, and a colorful, free-wheeling photo adventure began. I’d heard about her new-found joy of coasting her fancy, multi-terrain wheelchair down a little hill and HAD to get some shots to celebrate. I loved the colors, adored the cape (forget “No capes, dahling!” from The Incredibles) and handed her my matching, reflective shades to wear during the shoot.

Yep, she rocked it just exactly like a movie star!

Arms Open For Adventure!
SuperJess and her Billowing Cape
Toothy Grin
Movie Star Smile


Sometimes life hands you lemons. You can, of course, make lemonade. You can also strap on a cape and fly, enjoying every single moment of beauty around you. THEN, squeeze those lemons into the water you’ll definitely need for re-hydration after such a marathon adventure.

Just when the kids’ attention was flagging a bit, Nonnie spotted a hawk overhead. The little naturalists-in-the-making instantly recognized it as a red shouldered hawk and gave a wondrous cheer to thank God for letting us all enjoy the sight of such a gorgeous creature!

Throughout the journey Nonnie ALWAYS has Jessi’s back! Always. That’s what terrific moms do so well, and I am privileged to call these dear ladies my favorite subjects and friends!MomDaughtDuo!


Much fun was had by all; scores of laughs, giggles, sweet & thoughtful moments with the kids…FlowersOrin


…and if I were to caption this shot it would declare:

“I don’t always wear a cape, but when I do I am ready to FLY!”JessTreesBehind!


The beauty of the SuperJess Photoshoot Day took my breath away. OK, a little of that might have to do with the fact that I had to run down that hill and then dash backwards and sideways in order to get all the shots I wanted! But the real reason my heart was lifted, melted, encouraged, and full of cheer was watching Real Joy unfold right in front of my eyes. I’ve never looked at those sunglasses the same way since.

Strap on your capes, friends, and fly!LiamFACE


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